Qué hacemos

Súmate a nuestra Idea, otra forma de Abogacía

What do we do?

We want you to try another form of advocacy based on the abbogados idea. We offer Juridical, Economic, Consulting and Advising services in a different manner, delivering greater customer proximity and much more competitive prices as we use the latest technologies through our own technological platform.

We offer products and services through Different Packs, which adapt and adjust better to Your Needs.

For Everyone

Whether you are a Private Customer, Autonomous( self-employed), or a Company, in abbogados you will find advice on any juridical matter, as well as in any Economic, Business, Fiscal, Accounting or New Technological activity, and in any aspect of your personal life or company as we are a Multifunctional firm with International projection.

We do not want you to walk alone; we will always be with you!

Always with You

Permanently one of our specialists will always be beside you. Do not conform to someone who knows only a little regarding all the materials and is Specialist in none. In abbogados we specialize according to Subject Areas and we offer qualified specialists in a faster, easier and closer manner.

Each day there’s more professionals increasingly adding to our Idea.

Our Idea

Our idea of being closer to our customers and making the costs of our products and services minimum involves that in all our procedures and services we aspire that the cost-structure is adjusted to our clients needs in terms of their benefits or the results obtained. We started with dunning, but soon we will expand this idea to the rest of our services.

This has only just begun!

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