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What do we Offer?

We are a multidisciplinary firm with an international orientation. We offer our products across different services depending on whether you are a private customer, Autonomous (self-employed), Foundation, Association, Startup, Entrepreneur, or a large company, in all areas:

Economic-Fiscal Area

Fiscal and Tax, Consulting, HRM and Labour management, Audit and Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Asset Management…

Juridical Area

Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Corporate, Administrative, Banking, Labour, Urban Planning, New Technologies, Sports, International…

Family and Inheritance Area

Divorce, Separation, Mediation, Filiations, Adoption, International Adoption, Paternity, Inheritance…

Business Development and New Technologies Area

Business Management, Family Business, Startup, Entrepreneurs, Communication and Marketing, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis, Quality and Environmental management, E-Commerce, Social Networking, Data Protection …

International Area

International Arbitration, Community Law, International Criminal Law, International Fiscal law, International Wealth Planning, International Commerce


We want you to try another way of advocacy based on the Idea abbogados

All our Products and Services are centralized into a single Specialist Office, in an integrated manner and with a personal adviser at your disposal through our online platform, video conferencing, and telephone or in person if you prefer. In addition you can have access anytime and anywhere in order to perform or review your records and consultations. Your personal adviser will be your specialist in the field that you need.

We dispose of our own technological platform

We dispose of our own technological platform, which is intuitive, user friendly and has all the advantages of being a cloud-based software, without software installations, and maintenance. It disposes of automatic backups, and all the necessary controls to protect your data security. (Read more).

Management Software in our Cloud-based system for Autonomous (self-employed) and companies

In addition, for Autonomous (self-employed) and companies we offer a management Software in our Cloud-based system which is integrated to our technological platform. In addition to controlling your income, expenses and efficiently managing activities using the latest technology, you can analyze and check what you feel is necessary for your activity or company. In this manner you will keep an accurate and historical control of your queries, records or activity; and we can give more and better advice at a lower cost.
This Management Software is integrated into a single system, all business management processes are centralized, avoiding duplication and erroneous data. It is a simple and practical work environment that you can access from anywhere, anytime, without facilities. Simply connect and work.
Win in productivity, don’t wait!

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